Deutsch - Tihany Dorf, die Halbinsel, und die Abtei Magyar - Tihany, a félsziget, és az apátság Polski - Tihany, półwysep i opactwo
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Tihany, this marvellous peninsula, divides the Lake Balaton into two. It is a pearl of not only the region or the country but also of Europe. It is a jewel in the middle of the Hungarian sea. The surface of the vulcanic peninsula is covered by limestone geysers.

A number of rare animals and plants can be found here, thanks to the unique climate and the two lakes without an outlet. This resulted in the declaration of National park in 1952 – the first of its kind in Hungary. Tihany has a great number of attractions not only in nature but also in history and atmosphere.

Andrew I. in 1055 A.D. chose Tihany his burial-place, so according to the habits, he founded the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany. The church has been the cultural centre of the village for the last centuries. The atmosphere of the 19th century is called out by the thatched roof houses. The life of the almost a thousand-year-old village is shown in the village-museum. Tourism has been decisive in the last few decades in the life of the people here.

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